Broward County Area Approves Affordable Housing Project

The city commissioners of Pembroke Pines have approved an agreement with the Stiles Corp. to build 250 affordable housing units.

The units would be built on the City Center site, on Pines Boulevard between Palm Avenue and Hiatus Road. Commissioners unanimously approved the initial project at a meeting Wednesday night. City officials say they’re applying for state grants that would total $5.5 million toward the building of the project.

”I hope the state will look favorably on our application,” said Commissioner Angelo Castillo. “The hope is that we can bid out for a company to build those units of affordable homes for our residents. The city needs a range of affordable-housing options for working families.” Castillo said set deed restrictions would prevent homeowners from selling them at higher prices.

But the total cost of the project is still unknown, said Dave Frank, the city’s administrative services director, who is overseeing the details of the plan. ”We’re at the beginning of a very long process,” Frank said.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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